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When Amos Idahosa waited expectedly at the ECWA Hospital, popularly known as ‘Jankwano’ in Jos, Plateau State, waiting for the arrival of his first son, little did he know that what he awaited far surpassed a bundle of joy. As he grew up, evident signs of his creativity began to unravel; from his first self-invented guitar (made from ceiling boards!), to the numerous art competitions he took part in at the elementary and secondary levels. Needless to say...he came out tops.

After Western Boy’s High School, Benin and Government Day Secondary School, Gwagwalada, he went on to the University of Maiduguri to aptly study Creative Arts. Even during his school years, he began to participate in exhibitions and take on commissions especially within the FCT and in Maiduguri where he schooled. His accuracy and near to life portraits and beautifully rendered landscapes opened enviable doors, giving his works entrance into many homes and offices.

Having graduated with the most coveted first class honours and specializing in painting, Harrison began to delve into thematic studies to develop richer and deeper works that could address key societal issues during and after his youth service at the University of Ilorin.

Though unsatisfied with a lot that’s going on in the nation, the Niger-Delta indigene replaces grumbling and complaining and proactively uses his canvas to speak the mind of the youth and others at large; optimistic that change will come. His deep rooted commitment to the greater cause of an Unseen Hand in the affairs of man, is his driving factor and motivation.

He served as the Creative Director of A.R.T. LIFE, a Creative Arts outfit, before responding to the responsibility of lecturing in the University of Maiduguri where he is currently lecturing various courses in the Creative Arts Department. 

Harrison’s love for his calling and focus has caused him to stay committed to his students, despite the current crisis in the city once known as the Home of Peace. 

Harrison’s creativity doesn’t stop on the canvas, though. He is also a prolific songwriter, singer, skilled guitarist and drummer. He beautifully balances all these various expressions. Happily married to Rachel Nyemari, they are blessed with beautiful, sweet natured baby girl, Ariella Esosa Idahosa.

What are his dreams and aspirations in art? What does he hope his art would solve? How does he fit into the larger picture of life? We will watch and anticipate in wonder and fascination as the painting of his life unfolds, to see where the strokes of The Master Artist would lead.

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