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Far away in Kano State in the early seventies, a bundle of joy was delivered to a young army Captain and his doting wife. She was appropriately named Kuceli, which in the Burra language of Adamawa State means Joy. Highly inquisitive and full of a zest for life, Kuceli showed an early proclivity for the finer arts which was later revealed in her adult life through music and art.

At the age of six, Kuceli was off to boarding school at the prestigious Kent Academy where her love for music and art would blossom and find full, unfettered expression. It was here that she first “cut her teeth” in the areas of singing and art as she was involved in many stage productions and plays. The combination of God-fearing parents with the strict Christian values and high academic standards espoused in Kent Academy resulted in a solid spiritual, moral and academic groundwork for Kuceli.

Baptist High School was the next major stage of Kuceli’s development. Here, the excellent foundation laid at Kent Academy was consolidated as she simply continued where she had left off. Even while still concentrating on her studies at Baptist High, she joined an exclusive singing and drama group called the Torchbearers, and has continued to bear that torch till date.

She obtained a degree in Creative Arts from The University of Maiduguri and after a stint in Kaduna with Designix, a private design firm, Kuceli joined the Federal Capital Development Authority where she currently serves.

Kuceli is happily married to RossOscar Adetunji, a consummate sound engineer and the union is blessed with four children, HyelTega, HyelLahairoi, HyelsiZion and Amyhyel .

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