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This platform was born out of the need to creatively bring to the limelight the massive array of foods and dishes that we have in Nigeria…some of which are fading away fast with the inflow of foreign menus and all.

Through demonstrations and meal tasting events on and offline, you will learn interesting things about the food that we have, the nutritional values and recipes if you need and so much more. 

I was talking about ‘okpa’ with a friend from the western part of the country and I couldn’t believe it when she asked, “what’s that?’’ Granted…she had spent a lot of years outside our shores. But for me, it just showed that truly…something needs to be put in place where our snacks, meals and all can be showcased and documented. While we celebrate the various platforms that have taken our foods to different levels, hang on and enjoy what we have to offer!

Why food? Primarily, I like food and fiddling with new recipes, tasting new things…and I won’t pretend that I don’t like eating. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if it’s controlled! I like hosting and seeing people enjoy food. Secondly, I want our children to grow up knowing things like dan wake, biski, corn moimoi, ( who knows the actual name for this? )gwatei…etc. Trust me, they may not like it now, but they may, in time to come. Like us, their taste buds will change, they will become more health conscious and patriotic; and will have a world of our food to fall back and experiment on…


And in the process, let’s learn new things in the Arts sector…our arts…and sporadic features of other nationalities. Too much of this sector has been lying unreached and appreciated. We’ll bring it all to your doorstep. 


A good meal, surrounded by beautiful artefacts and other beautiful things can’t be complete without music. Our events will feature music from all ages and in the meantime educate you about a thing or two in this vast world. Listen on!

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