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The Services we render

Interior Design

It’s a whole lot more than just distributing furniture or putting up the drapes in matching colors…Interior design starts from us getting to know you, your preferences, your dislikes and needs…
It far exceeds shiny surfaces and posh settees…It’s about your space and what you need and what is safe for you…and practical.
Interior Design far exceeds what’s in vogue. It’s about you and what makes you absolutely comfortable be it traditional, contemporary or eclectic.
Interior Design is all about functionality and you…and we’ll help you bring out the real you.

Areas we cover in Interior Design

-  HOME RULES (an afterschool initiative ) 

Textile & Surface Design

Ethnic or traditional doesn’t have to be…local or tacky. Once upon a time when Nigerian textiles was mentioned, the adires and aso-okes came to mind. And if you wanted to give your home a traditional look, you’d throw a leather mat on the floor or make your drapes with atampa.

Well, times have changed and a lot is taking place here… and pretty fast as well.

We offer you a fresh approach to the world of surface design through indigenous but contemporary motifs for your wallpapers, tiles, upholstery for accent chairs, drapes, curtains, throw bags and pillows…you could customize as well! 

Art Management

While Art Management is a profession that was strictly used in galleries, museums and art institutions, there is a growing need for this key profession to find relevance by spreading its creative juices to other institutions that required a degree of management of the different aspects of arts. Be it the use of photography, organizing and staging exhibitions, music and aesthetics… ensuring that all these elements and factors are suitably played out is our role. 

We at ARTLIFE have stepped into public buildings and organizations to transform, as well as manage their aesthetic and creative needs in a nutshell. 

Join us in this exciting news world!                                                          


ARTLIFE has spotted some crucial needs in our society that affect our environment as a whole and built spaces particularly. We have over the past 4 years collaborated with public institutions to carry out trainings with regards the maintenance culture of staff towards their public buildings. With a team of skilled professionals ranging from Interior Designers to others in the building industry like the Engineers and Landscape Designers, ARTLIFE has spearheaded these workshops to bring about a slow but lasting change in the area of maintenance. 

Community Development

We at ARTLIFE have recognized and learnt that there is a need to give back to your society in our arty way; though we know that the needs are overwhelming and the hands quite few.
We do hope our various drops in the bucket will make the required impact in educating the child, improving on the environment or simply giving advice on what is required in a creative project.

Arts & Crafts

You’ve possibly combed the town looking for something particularly Nigerian and not just African…well, your search is over.
With us you’ll find an array of skillfully crafted functional Nigerian crafts and souvenirs for all occasions and ages from fabrics to raffia…Commission us to craft out your expression if you like at friendly pocket prices and unmatched skill.
Also available are Nigerian games, toys and particular kitchen and household items.


This platform was born out of the need to creatively bring to the limelight the massive array of foods and dishes that we have in Nigeria…some of which are fading away fast with the inflow of foreign menus and all.
Through demonstrations and meal tasting events on and offline, you will learn interesting things about the food that we have, the nutritional values and recipes if you need and so much more. 

And in the process, let’s learn new things in the Arts sector…our arts…and sporadic features of other nationalities. Too much of this sector has been lying unreached and appreciated. We’ll bring it all to your doorstep.

A good meal, surrounded by beautiful artefacts and other beautiful things can’t be complete without music. Our events will feature music from all ages and in the meantime educate you about a thing or two in this vast world. Listen on!


One of the most important factors of learning is a good environment. For some, it’s easier than others, when we consider how backgrounds and opportunities differ.

We are truly concerned with the upcoming generation’s perception of space and what truly matters. With various exercises, we engage these young minds to think deeper about design and spaces they encounter from their rooms to their dorms and broader.

No one has been left out…rich, poor, middle class; since we are certain that life can open doors and opportunities to every mind that dreams..