Who We Are

Although appreciation of art is yet to blossom and it’s fragrance fully embraced by all, we still strongly believe in the power of creative expressions. As skilled art communicators, we are able to collaborate with bodies, using the necessary forms of expression, to successfully and creatively convey their messages and ideas making it simpler for their target audience to grasp.

Our Organization can be summed up in the definition of our Acronym: ARTLIFE stands for “A Reason to Life”

We are a creative organization offering a wide range of art and design services ranging from the Production, Supply and Exhibition of artworks and crafts to Interior Design & Decoration and everything creative in-between; birthed from the need to disrupt the status quo of doing things in the Nigerian Creative Industry.

Our Story

ARTLIFE’s activities could be traced back to 2001 when they hosted an arts and crafts exhibition titled ‘’ Something to Remember”, showcasing the cultural heritage of the north-eastern people of Adamawa State. Tired of the normal way and reason exhibitions were staged, ARTLIFE creatively presented a blend of music, food and visual arts at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja. This first major outing was well attended and profitable for the artists involved; the arts and crafts of this area have also had a wider spread since then. It  was proudly supported by the Adamawa State Government , Ministry of Arts and Culture, The Arts Council, NEMA, Sheraton Hotel and Towers , private art collectors , and numerous individuals but to mention a few.

ARTLIFE has since then been engaged in the production, buying and selling of quality art works, executing commissioned works in various visual art expressions, organizing and participating in exhibitions, consulting for creatively inclined issues and community development.

There is still more about us

Our activities and objectives include:

  • Using functional, visual and performing arts as a means of communicating various issues to the society
  • Deepening appreciation and importance of art in children and society by providing platforms and initiating projects
  • Encouraging teamwork with likeminded bodies
  • Community development/Volunteer work
    Participating / Contributing in workshops/Seminars
    Research AND Mentorship

Our Value Proposition

Enhancing lifestyle and productivity through well-thought-out planning, placement and management of aesthetics and physical art