Every year comes with a freshness and as Interior Designers it’s usually worse because we are constantly looking for ways to change the ambience of our   environment…to make it prettier and more functional to our transiting needs.

I looked long and hard at the bookshelf in my room. I had endured it for too long….  5 solid years. The shelves were sagging from the pressure of the heavy books and it had become an item that was keeping me out of my room more and more. The more I saw it, the more I hated it. I tried to recall how I had received it when I ordered it and in almost shame, I realized that I actually loved it then…

Then, because it suited my moment …  but that was then.

A lot has changed since then. What do I need to throw out? What do I need to add? What needs to be changed to make my surrounding more functional and comfortable…? Or how can I contribute a change in the ambience of my clients’ space?

All this change and rearranging calls for sober reflections because like our surroundings, our attitudes and dispositions often a times need some critical adjustments; like our furniture and accessories.  We should constantly look at our insides and ask ourselves “haven’t I outgrown this attitude and is this temper promoting vitality or actually draining me?

So, my charge this new interior year is to chuck out the unnecessary and look for, create, emulate, innovate the needful all around you and within you.  Keep the balance, though. Life is in phases. So is transition and change. While some can afford cold turkey and drastic change, others may need a gradual transiting to their desired goal.

Life is an adventure. Embrace the change as it comes. Stare the obstacles in the face and deal with them courageously. They aren’t meant to overwhelm you but change you to a better you.