Harrison Idahosa was born in Jos, and grew up in different parts of Nigeria. He studied painting at the University of Maiduguri and graduated with a first class degree. In 2001. He was invited to exhibit his paintings photographs at the National Conference for HIV/AIDS and also at the participated in the “Nigeria at 50” cultural and historical exhibitions in 2010, and many other art exhibitions.  The artist has also earned a number of portrait commissions from notable personalities and some government agencies such as the Federal Judicial Service Commission, National Judicial Commission and The Supreme Court of Nigeria. In 2013, he won the grand prize of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library National Arts Competition.

The artist began to delve into thematic studies in order to develop richer and deeper works that could address key societal issues. As an artist, he invests a lot of faith in the use of symbolic referents derived from personal experiences, and believes as it is imperative for art to assume a more responsive role in every sphere of modern life. He is an ardent advocate for the pursuit of technical mastery and for developing an authentic that could inspire younger artists as well as presenting others with the opportunity of having a fresh view point, deepening their experience of the visual world and enhance their enjoyment of art. Visual art is one way through which the artist’s voice is heard and the heart beat felt.

He served as the creative director of Artlife Nigeria Limited from 2007 to 2010. Currently, he lectures at the Department of Fine Arts, University of Maiduguri.  Harrison is multimedia artist, with a flair for (jazz) music, he plays the guitar, the drums and sings. He happily married and bless with three beautiful daughters.

Instagram: @dcharris2